Friday, 30 March 2012

Why hotels in Kovalam are in need of guards

Guards are people who are employed to take care of building and people as well. They are the first people to know what’s happening around. There are people who don’t appreciate guards and watchman’s because to them it’s not a good job. People should know that guards are people who are professionals since they are educated and trained on their job. Guarding is there job and they should be respected and because of them people are safe since they act as security.  The hotels in Kovalam have guards on the door and this makes those inside the building to be comfortable without any fear.

The purpose of the guards on the door is to ensure safety of people by checking each and every person going inside the building. This is good because there are people who have bad intentions like carrying bad weapons those can easily harm people inside the building. All hotels in Kovalam have these guards to check since there are also people who carry grenades to bomb the building. On the media there are cases reported that a certain building had a bomb blast and the fact of the matter they don’t know where it came from. This happens because there are no strict guards to check all people.

All guards for hotels in Kovalam have guards and that’s why people like going to them. All guards have uniforms which differentiates them from customers. Guards who wear uniforms can never be trusted because nobody will believe them to be employees of the hotel. Guards act as policemen and they are the first people to take action in case something bad happens. They are very keen when it comes something unusual and that’s why they should keep their eyes open all the time. Hotels need to have policemen and guards so as to maintain security in towns and cities.

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